Balance Bikes, Scooters and Trikes

Our range of balance bikes, scooters and trikes provide your child the very best in quality as they ride, scoot and glide.

Balance bikes are a perfect first bike to develop confidence and encourage stability when children are beginning to learn to ride. Our range has been selected with quality, fun and design in mind. Whether it's an artistic blackboard balance bike or a grown-up Vespa style we have something for every child.

Our trikes are perfect for parents searching for function, efficiency and adaptability. Many of the trikes combine various different styles so you can choose if it's you or your child in control. 

The range of scooters that we provide will enable your kids to zip, zoom and glide wherever they may be. Many scooters have enhanced features so be sure to peruse the whole range before making your decision!

Click on the image below for our top tips on teaching your kids how to ride a bike!

eduKidz balance bike and riding guide

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