Top 5 Educational Toys for Christmas

Top 5 Educational Christmas Gifts

Holidays are coming! Christmas is almost upon us and thousands of parents are wondering what they should ask Santa to bring their children. Educational toys for Christmas provide both fun and learning. Which are our top 5?

Christmas is probably what the majority of kids consider to be the most fun time of the year. But what if it could be educational too? A time for having lots of fun, and learning too. I'm not about to suggest an extra dose of phonics or sums on Christmas morning but I will suggest the following educational toys and activity sets. I love them all, not only because they're educational but because I've seen children enjoying them immensely!

Note that some links provided are for products available from us here at eduKidz, others will direct you to external websites. Go ahead and click on the images to learn more about each Christmas idea!

Cubetto - Amazon

Cubetto coding toy from Primo Toys

Perfect for any children who are of primary school age. The Cubetto early coding toys from Primo toys are just wonderful. There has recently been a huge drive by the Department for Education aimed at encouraging more and more children to become engaged in coding and computer programming. The Cubetto series of products is a perfect introduction to this world. The Cubetto is especially unique because even though children are learning to code, there are no screens or keyboard involved. Using some clever technology children code using only simple wooden pieces that attach to the coding board, which in turn delivers instructions to the little Cubetto robot. The expanse of activities that your little ones can take part in with this product is vast. You'll likely need to help them get started, but frankly you'll likely enjoy it just as much as they will! 

Terrace Wooden Play Kitchen - eduKidz

The Terrace Wooden Play Kitchen, by Plum Play, from eduKidz is a master in the role play world. This is a beautifully put together wooden play centre which has excellently crafted resources including a variety of utensils, storage of different sizes and is decorated using bright and colourful pictures. Role play is an important part of growing up and learning through play. As children play in a role play environment they begin to explore how different people interact with the world, that is to say that they develop empathy. Plus who wouldn't want to enjoy pretending to whip up a gourmet feast for the whole family?!

Guinness Book of World Records - Amazon

Guiness Book of World Records Amazon

I couldn't go through this list without including a book. I know that technically it doesn't count as a 'toy' in the traditional sense, but I can remember spending hours and hours pouring over my annual Guinness Book of World Records book every Christmas and the following days, weeks, months. The sheer volume of fascinating facts and mind boggling information is a must-have for any young mind wanting to learn more about the world. I remember reading about the tallest and most dangerous peaks, the deepest space exploration, the smallest creatures and so much more. If you want to peak your little ones interest I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Discovery Woodland Treehouse - eduKidz

Now this would be the present to beat all presents. Imagine being the kid who wakes up to find their own personal woodland treehouse playground in the garden? Yes it isn't a budget present, and yes it will require you to assemble it (remember the hat and gloves!) but what a reward it will be. The Discovery Woodland Treehouse, by Plum Play, from eduKidz is an amazing piece of kit. It has been, quite literally, designed from the ground up with your child's education and learning in mind. It has a plethora of features, our favourite being the mini eco-centre which allows them to plant, grow and explore their own plants! Exploring the outdoors and our environment couldn't be more important in this day and age. If we can encourage children to embrace nature and all it has to offer then they will grow into adults motivated to protect and care for it.

Horrible Science, Explosive Experiments - Amazon

Explosive Experiments - Amazon

We absolutely love the Horrible Science series of books, and all the other subjects that they cover. They are an easily accessible and fun way of exploring some deep and serious learning concepts. The Horrible Science sets are a great compliment to the books and provide a great fun hands-on approach to science experiments. In this particular set your kids will be able to erupt volcanoes, launch a rocket high into the sky and so much more. We love this set because it includes some of the most exciting home science experiments you can create, all in one useful kit, which will begin to encourage and foster a love of STEM learning. 

Each of these toys and gifts that we've selected have been selected because we believe that your kids will not only love and enjoy using them but also because they'll have a lasting impact on their learning and education.

If you've found something that you think will compliment this list let us know in the comments below, if it's brilliant we can add it to our list and give you credit! We're always interested in finding new and exciting educational toys and learning resources!

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Top 5 Educational Christmas Toys

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