The DNA Detectives - To Catch A Thief - Children's Book Reviews

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The DNA Detectives - To Catch A Thief, written by Dr Mandy Hartley. A children's book review by Rafi (6), Isaac (8) and Talia (9).

eduKidz; In a first for eduKidz, we have 3 siblings reviewing this book. The book written by Dr Mandy Hartley is a first for us. It's not everyday that a children's book is at the cutting edge of crime solving but that is exactly what we have here. Taken from Dr Hartley's description:

They are the first ever children's fiction books where the children in the story use DNA and forensic science to solve a crime. The books have been written so children are learning about DNA as well as enjoying an exciting adventure. 

So, without further ado, we'll pass onto our child reviewers:

Rafi - aged 6

The DNA Detectives children's book review

Isaac - aged 8

The DNA Detectives Dr Amanda Hartley children's book review

Talia - aged 9

The DNA Detectives Dr Amanda Hartley children's book reviews

eduKidz: Well what can we say? These are 3 fantastic book reviews. We'll run through each one individually to give them the merit that they deserve, but each one of them should be incredibly proud of these reviews! Especially their fantastic level of handwriting, it is excellent to see such care in their work.

Rafi - This review was fantastic! We particularly liked the way that you split your review into different sections. Very well done for including all of the main characters and what they got up to in the story. We also love that you used a great level of vocabulary such as telescopes and magnifying glass. We're already looking forward to your next review!

Isaac - A beautifully presented review. We really enjoyed your clear layout with a section of writing and a clear, neatly drawn picture. Thank you for giving such a great reason for liking the book, when you find a book that you just can't put down it is a magical feeling! We were also very impressed with how your illustrations matched the story exactly and helped the reader follow your review.

Talia - Talia has definitely put in a great amount of effort and thought into her review. We loved the clear 5 stars at the top of your review and the way you've used subheadings for each section of the review. We were particularly impressed that you've clearly read the book carefully and decided to try some of the methods the children used yourself! Maybe there's a career in detective work for you in the future!

Thank you so much to all of you for your fantastic reviews. 

We also recently spoke with the author Dr Amanda Hartley who said the following: "The idea behind the book is that as well as an exciting adventure children are learning about DNA, cells and forensic science. I have developed some web links to accompany the book with the Sanger Institute in Cambridge (the laboratory which sequence the human genome) so children can learn more about these subjects. They can try extracting DNA from fruit at home, try fingerprinting, learn about inheritance and even print out the DNA evidence from the book so they can become DNA Detectives!" What an incredible idea and a brilliant way to get children interested in a STEM subject. Do have a look at Dr Hartley's site for some brilliant activities and ideas!

If you've enjoyed reading Rafi, Isaac and Talia's reviews then why not leave them a comment at the bottom of the blog. We certainly enjoyed reading them and we're sure you will have too.

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