The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses - Children's Book Reviews

Summer enjoying The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses

The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses - children's book review by Summer, aged 6.

eduKidz: New for your reading pleasure today, a fantastic review from Summer. She clearly really enjoyed reading The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses by Michelle Path. It's clearly an exciting and unusual book! Who would have thought that a cowboy could possibly be scared of horses? Read on to see what Summer thought of it.

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The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses - Summer's Review


eduKidz: Thank you so much for your review Summer. It is a wonderful picture that perfectly shows the reader the two main characters. I'm particularly impressed with your drawing of Marty! People are very difficult to draw and he looks brilliant! I'm sure everyone reading will want to read this book for themselves, and would definitely like to read another review from you!

Thank you again and very well done!

The Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses is available from Amazon by simply clicking the cover below, get your copy today!


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  • Thanks so much for reviewing my book Summer. I love the pictures you drew. Thanks so much for your special review. Happy Easter!

    Best wishes,

    Michelle Path

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