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Crackskull Jack Goes to The Ball

Crackskull Jack Goes to The Ball - children's book review by Sophie, aged 7.

eduKidz: New for your reading pleasure today, a fantastic review from Sophie. The book, Crackskull Jack Goes to The Ball, is a fantastically fun tale of children's favourite Crackskull Jack and his trials and tribulations at the big ball. It's another brilliant book written by Michelle Path and I think it's quite clear that Sophie absolutely loved it.

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Crackskull Jack Goes to The Ball


eduKidz: Thank you so much for your review Sophie. I really enjoyed reading it, you clearly loved the book and I'm glad you've found a new favourite. The picture is fantastic and shows just how much fun it must have been to dance under the glitter ball. I was very impressed to see all the musical notes floating in the air too.

Thank you again and very well done!

Crackskull Jack Goes to the Ball is available from Amazon by simply clicking the cover below, get your copy today!


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