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AniMalcolm - children's book review by Sarp.

eduKidz: There's a trend of more and more comedians writing children's books and they are brilliantly funny. Today's review is from the very talented Sarp. It's a review of Animalcolm written by David Baddiel and is about Malcolm, his dislike for animals in an animal loving family and an unusual set of changes.

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AniMalcolm by David Baddiel

As you know David Baddiel is a well known comedian so this book is filled to the brim with laughter.It’s very suitable for young kids too.Personally I think it’s my favourite non-young adult book after Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This book helped me to get to sleep every night as it is so comforting and very funny. It’s story is amazing too.

It sucks you in and you just keep on reading ‘till it finishes but then you read it again like I did 3 times.The books content is very fictitious but the way the author tells it just makes you feel like you are that person. You don’t feel like you are reading the book not actually you are living it.

Malcolm’s family loves animals everybody except him.His family are a bit poor as they spend all their money on pets.His room was the only pet-free space until now. His family have gotten him a chinchilla instead of the laptop he really wanted for his birthday. Although they do get him to go to a school trip to a … Malcolm becomes serial animals and he understands how it is to be an animal.But these changes don’t only affect his appearance, it changes the way he thinks about animals in a way he never did before.

I very much recommend the book and others from David Baddiel as he is an amazing children’s writer as well as a comedian.


eduKidz: An excellent and well written review Sarp! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the book and found your summary of the story very effective. I'm sure you'll be looking out for more books from David Baddiel in the future. It sounds brilliant to be able to get lost in the story, that's the magic of reading! Thank you so much for submitting your review. I'm looking forward to more reviews in the future.

AniMalcolm by David Baddiel is available from Amazon by clicking on the cover above.

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